Proudly Serving New England for over 25 Years

Any Aircraft • Any Cargo • Any Time

Serving Portsmouth International Airport at Pease (KPSM/PSM) for over 20 years, Seacoast Aviation Air Cargo (SAAC) has been called on 24/7/365 to support air cargo freight loading and unloading of every conceivable shape, size and weight.

We are the only fully capable on-demand air cargo handling company in all of New England. From hand-loading Learjets to organizing specialty crane and hoist operations for Antonov AN124s or main deck loading a Boeing B747 Freighter, Seacoast Air Cargo has the equipment, facilities, and expertise to ensure every mission is completed on time, safely and at a cost that won’t break budgets.

Location, Location, Location

We’re strategically located at Portsmouth International Airport at Pease, centrally located on the New Hampshire Seacoast in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Our facility is less than two miles off of Interstate 95, under an hour from the technology corridor of Massachusetts, just a few minutes’ drive from the Maine border, and only an hour from Boston, MA and Portland, ME.

With an 11,321 ft. (3,450 m) runway, KPSM can support the largest and heaviest aircraft in the world today. As a U.S. Port of Entry with 24/7 U.S. Customs, Portsmouth is an ideal landing point for your next import, export, or freight move to the Northeast U.S.


Seacoast is capable of handling large cargo operations with our extensive ground handling fleet. Our newest addition, a JBT Commander C30i Main Deck Loader (up to 33,000 lb. / 15,000 kg) has greatly enhanced the breadth of our capabilities. For commercial applications, the Commander C30i is capable of supporting the entire current Boeing lineup and most Airbus aircraft, along with a vast variety of both legacy and current models from around the world.

Our team has decades of experience handing everything from complex crane and hoist operations to loading of oversized, odd-shaped, or non-palletized cargo using our fleet of heavy forklifts with capacities up to 30,000 pounds. Experienced in pallet build ups, and with cross-dock capabilities, we’re ready to load practically any cargo onto any aircraft.

Aircraft Lower Deck Main Deck
Sick of NYC / NJ Metro?
Avoid congestion and substantial airport and handling costs at JFK and Newark by utilizing Portsmouth. Outside of major metropolitan airports, the capabilities of Seacoast Air Cargo and convenience of Portsmouth, NH are unparalleled.
Can't get into Boston Logan?
Boston Logan does not accept air cargo freighters, but KPSM, a gateway to the Boston market located just an hour's drive north, does without restrictions. Avoid high landing fees and handling costs in Boston without wasting any time.
Coming from Europe or the Middle East?
Save money and win the trip! Stopping in Portsmouth and transferring from plane-to-truck or truck-to-plane can save tens of thousands in charter aircraft and freight handling costs. The bigger the aircraft, the bigger the savings!

SAC At-A-Glance

24/7/365 Services

  • Short Notice & Diversion Support
  • Aircraft Loading & Off-Loading
  • Freight Build Up & Break Down
  • Direct Aircraft-to-Truck or Truck-to-Aircraft
  • On-Field Cross Dock
  • On-Field Warehouse Storage

Capable & Experienced

  • JBT Commander 30i Main Deck Loader (33,000 lb. / 15,000 kg capacity)
  • TLD Lantis Main Deck / Belly Loader (15,000 lb. / 6,800 kg)
  • Forklifts up to 30,000 lb. (13,608 kg) capacity.
  • Certified 20,000 lb. (9,072 kg) Pallet Scales
  • Dozens of Slave Pallets and 20 ft. (6 m) Dollies
  • Certified & Experienced Operators

FBO Support

Port City Air is KPSM’s full-service FBO and has extensive experience handling aircraft of all sizes. Whether you’re flying in a small jet or turboprop aircraft or sending an Antonov AN-124, PCA has the equipment and experience to support any operation.

  • Contract & Low Direct Fuel Rates
  • Extensive Refueler Fleet (Multiple 10,000 gal., 7,000 gal., and 5,000 gal. trucks)
  • Modern Type I & Type IV Deicing Fleet with Boom Reach of up to 75 ft. (23 m)
  • A broad array of Ground Support Equipment available including GPUs, Air Starters, Lavatory Service, Potable Water, and Air Stairs.